Jennie Macfie has been hopelessly addicted to the performing arts all her life. She used to feed her habit by writing reviews, and by promoting concerts and plays in the village hall and other local venues, but is just about in recovery.

After graduating from Edinburgh University and working in theatre, Jennie spent 25 years in London where she first managed a restaurant, then became a film & television producer and distributor and the mother of three sons, latterly developing  a film footage archive specialising in music and youth culture (now represented by Kinolibrary).

After rejecting the then-rarified study of computer science in favour of the then-happening social sciences turned out to have been a bit of a mistake, she bought her first computer in 1979 and has spent far too much time at a keyboard ever since, including a profoundly educational two year spell as one of a team of moderators for an online MMO and social network with over a million players worldwide.

Returning to the Scottish Highlands, she became for ten years the gardening columnist for the Sunday Herald magazine. An abiding interest in finding models of good governance at local, regional and national levels arose from the  experience of being on the boards of several arts and community organisations, large and small, and was also the spur for Creative Scotland‘s quarterly “Chair Matters” meetings.

She now writes funding applications, proofreads theses and edits stories for friends, family and clients. She is an Airbnb superhost, runs several websites and the Hall’s Facebook page, blogs very occasionally and tweets profusely. All of the above may possibly explain why her own garden favours the, er,  natural look, and why this blog’s archive is incomplete.




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One Response to “About”

  1. Marylou Capes (Platt) Says:

    I happened upon this while searching for you on Facebook. (Yes, I recently-2 days ago?-succumbed to F-book.) In any case, clearly you are a born blogger/columnist. I’m subscribing. I want to hear ALL.
    Trust you’re well.

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